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Launch Site
Client information
SHIBULERU directs design for industrial production that benefits from an ease and richness of experience ranging from graphics to architectural interventions. SHIBULERU marries award-winning expertise with the passion for beauty and perfection. By celebrating all the elements of the design trade, and by taking the needs of businesses as seriously as the user context, SHIBULERU creates engaging products and meaningful, lasting experiences.
Project notes
Compatible display with IE/FireFox/Safari/iPhone/iPad display. Custom programming for "WebPlus Image gallery", and FaceBook implementation
  • 2010/8
  • Web development
  • HTML/CSS Coding
  • Custom programming
  • Powered by QMAX
    • System
    • Web


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Do you need someone who can design / develop your website or iPhone App? We work with individuals, artists, designers, small business owners and companies. We listen to our client's needs, ideas and inspirations and love to collaborate on the appropriate solution together. For more information or to submit your project please contact us.